Top 10 Most Popular Dog Names for Male and Female Dogs 2017

Most popular dog names - After cat, perhaps dog is the next-in-line when it comes to the most loved pet. Surely, there are so many reasons why dog is so popular. Let’s take the example of how you can count on the dog to guard your house so you can feel a lot much safer. It is true that dog can really do that.

most popular dog names

That’s why there are so many people out there who are looking for dogs as the parts of their security system. Not to mention, dogs have been proven to be such great friends to people. And with those reasons, it is only normal for the people who own dogs to choose from the most popular dog names and giving great names to their dogs.

10 Most Popular Dog Names 2017

The explanation below will let you know about the top 10 most popular dog names which are used for both male and female dogs in 2017. If you have not found the right name for your dog, perhaps, you want to carry on reading and figure out these ideas of female and male dog names.

1. Buddy

The first one of the popular male dog names is Buddy. As the name tells you, Buddy can refer to a great friend. This name is getting even more popular right after the movie Air Bud was released. If you are a true dog lover, you should know such movie. It’s about a golden retriever who is a good friend to a boy. And the name of the dog is Buddy.

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However, you should not think that such name is actually only for male dogs. Even though it’s really common to be used that way but you can really expect to use that name for your female dogs as well.

2. Molly

Now, this option is surely among the popular girl dog names. We can barely imagine how such name is used by a male dog, right? The nuance created by this name is quite sweet and thus, it’s really suitable for your female dogs.

If you want to know what kind of breed is suitable with this kind of name, well, you may want to consider giving your dog this one of ten most popular dog names if you have Rottweiler or a sweet Chihuahua. Still, you can use this dog names by breed for the other breeds as long as they are cute enough to represent the name.

3. Duke

Among various popular boy dog names you may find out there, perhaps, Duke is one of the greatest ones to represent the masculinity of your male dog’s name. That’s why it is so proper to include this one as the list of most popular dog names boy.

It’s so easy to be reminded by the name of Duke about some rather classic and loyal ambience. What kind of dog breed which has such classic and loyal characteristic? Perhaps, Labrador Retriever and Yorkshire Terrier can use this of the top best dog names for males.

4. Lola

Yes, it can be quite confusing in choosing the right popular female dog names. For some people, it’s even harder to find female dog names than male dog names. It’s because normally female dogs are more complicated in their characteristics and thus, the owners want to find the right names which can cover those characteristics into one.

Lola is one of the greatest alternatives for the most popular girl dog names especially if we are talking about the cute female dogs. For your information, this name is getting more popular aside from Lucy.

5. Bear

What do you have in mind if you know a dog is called Bear? Surely, you will imagine the dog has big body and has such thick fur on all over the body. Yes, that’s pretty much the name represents. And yes, it’s among the popular dog names male at this recent time.

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By considering the characteristics which can be represented by such name, well, you can take a look at the Husky, Spitz, or Chow-chow. Those dog breeds are really good to use this most popular male dog names.

6. Riley

Next we have a kind of most popular dog names girl or boy, which is actually still not really that common. Yes, even though it’s really popular but Riley is still a unique name for a dog.

Therefore, if you want to have something different for the name of your dog, you can consider this one of most popular dog names for 2017. For your information, this kind of name can be used for both male and female, so, what are you waiting for?

7. Lucy

True, this name has been mentioned before and it’s among the most popular female dog names nowadays. The sweet nuance coming out of the name is the reason why this one is really suitable for female dogs.

However, you should know that this name is actually derived from Lucille Ball. Yes, we are talking about the name of an actress who was so popular in America in the 60s. If you have a female dog with red fur, you may want to use this one of the top names for dogs female.

8. Samson

Similar to Bear, Samson is really closely associated to something tough, muscular, and totally masculine. Yes, this name comes from a movie with the same name which was aired in the 80s. As the time goes by, it’s much easier to find dogs using this most popular boy dog names.

That’s why Samson belongs to the popular dog names for males especially the kind of male dogs which have long fur and muscular profile. Some dog breeds like Sheepdogs can be so suitable with this kind of name.

9. Bella

This name idea actually comes from the Italian word. In Italian language, Bella means beautiful or pretty. Yes, you can instantly assume that this name should belong to the most popular dog names female.

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Even though basically this name can be used to any female dog, but the trend at this recent time shows that it’s more likely to be used by small and cute female dogs. We can say that it’s actually one of the popular dog names girl.

10. Max

With just one syllable, this name is totally among the most popular dog names boy. It’s so easy to be said and remembered. Not to mention, the dog will remember it a lot much easier as well. Don’t forget that the name is also really cool for a male dog.

So, do you really intend to use this one of most popular dog names male for your dog?

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