Top 10 Most Wanted Cute Tiny Dog Breeds In The World

Cute tiny dog breeds - There are many people who believe that when you’re looking for a dog, you should try to get the tiny dog breeds. The main reason is because, in the world of dog breed, big things are said to come in smaller packages. It means that the super tiny dogs usually have greater and more interesting personality.

tiny dog breeds

This is actually something quite hard to resist if it’s really true. Who can say no to some cute tiny dog breeds that stay small with such great personality? Just imagine you have a tiny dog breed. Don’t you think such dog is going to mesmerize you all the time with its cuteness? Not to mention, the dog is easier to love, right?

Top 10 Cute Tiny Dog Breeds List With Pictures

And surely, the dog should have more fun too. So, are you ready to know more about the most wanted cute tiny dogs in 2017? Here they are tiny dog breeds.

1. Maltese

Among the possible tiny cute dogs you can find out there, Maltese probably is the best one of cute tiny dog breeds for you who have issue with allergies. Yes, this dog is really good and will not trigger any allergy reaction or at least, the reaction will not be that severe and still acceptable.

maltese dog

This kind of tiny dog breed is also known for its friendliness. It’s so easy to get close to this kind of dog. Even if you have cat in your house alongside with one of this tiny pet dogs, you will not have any trouble at all.

2. Boston Terrier

Belongs to the great tiny breed dogs, Boston Terrier is so awesome with its friendly characteristic. That’s why it’s so understandable how many people choose this kind of dog as the partner or friend for their kids. What’s even more fantastic about Boston Terrier is the fact that this breed doesn’t really demand you to deal with tons of grooming effort.

boston terrier puppy

Don’t you think it is going to make you feel at ease and convenient? Up to this point, you may think this dog breed is so good and flawless, right? Well, you better be prepared because Boston Terrier is also known as one of the super small dogs who like to chew and much household so much.

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In other words, it can be a little too destructive if it’s not taken care of properly. Anyway, this dog is still one of the best cute tiny dog breeds you can have.

3. Pugs

The next in line of the highly wanted mini dog breeds, we have pugs. This breed is so hard to resist. You can actually have fun already just with a glance of this dog’s appeal. It has small body, wrinkled face, and short legs. Take a look at the pugs when they are running and it’s a guaranteed big laugh.

pug dog

Not to mention, such funny look is still supported by the friendly and comedic personality. But, sometimes, when the situation isn’t right for the mood, pugs can be a little bit headstrong and hard to please. However, you should not worry about it so much. As long as you give enough love to it, everything should be fine.

4. Pomeranian

Gentle and adorable are two of the most acknowledged personalities of Pomeranian. Just imagine how such small cute dogs can really be so playful. It’s going to be so full of fun, when you keep this one member of small cute tiny dog breeds. But, even though some kind of cute small dog breeds, beware that they can actually be a little bit too noisy.

pomeranian puppy

That’s why it’s good to have Pomeranian if you have toddlers or children. If you still have small baby, you may want to avoid getting this kind of dog or otherwise you will only make the baby cry a lot due to the noise.

5. Chihuahua

Chihuahua is among the really tiny dogs but at the same time, it’s also the part of the most wanted cutest tiny dog breeds under 5 pounds. And like what has been mentioned before, big things come in a little package. Chihuahua really is the proof for that. This small dog can surely give tons of attitude whether it can be good or bad.

chihuahua puppy

But, surely, you don’t need to worry so much because most of the time, Chihuahua is a kind of really pleasing and funny dog. Just make sure you are not really that flustered when this cute tiny dog breed is acting out like to make loud noises and sometimes it can be so demanding as well.

6. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer has playful and highly curious personality. The curious personality is like two sides of the blade. Some time, you may find it really attractive.

miniature schnauzer

You may find your Miniature Schnauzer chasing something in rather funny and comedic way. However, there may also be some moment when you will make the strangers who pass by your house feel rather annoyed because the dog keeps on barking at them furiously.

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Even though the strangers don’t do anything bad. Still, this dog is among the best small dogs which are highly wanted recently.

7. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is probably the greatest option for small cute dog breeds if what you want is a dog which can really be extremely friendly and safe for children. Yes, this one type of very cute tiny dog breeds can really be so gentle around the children and then they can also be so playful and it’s still totally safe for the children.

shih tzu

However, this kind of dog demands you to deal with some routine daily grooming which can be quite troublesome if you are a kind of busy person. Still, this mini dog should belong the option for you to consider.

8. Miniature Poodle

Here we come to the possibly most wanted option for tiny dog breeds in this year. Yes, many people are the fans of miniature poodle due to the great and cute appeal. And it alone is enough for the people to fall in love with this dog in an instant.

miniature poodle

With such athletic physical appeal, it’s really tempting to ask this dog to play all the time. You will not have any dull moment with this type of super cute tiny dog breeds. And yes, you can always rest assure because you notice that the personality of this dog is really friendly towards children and also the other pets you may have at home.

9. Dachshund

You may know Dachshund as one of the highly recommended super small dog breeds for you to pet. However, you may not know that this breed was actually bred to deal with vermin. Yes, basically, Dachshund is a kind of great watchdog.

dachshund puppies

That’s why the loyalty of this dog is out of the question. Despite its small and short body, the legs are so agile and they don’t seem to be exhausted even though you have been playing with it for a long time.

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What a great and the best small dog breeds to choose indeed!

10. Yorkshire Terrier

The last but not least, Yorkshire terrier is definitely something you must always consider if you are looking for cute and small dog. The curiosity of this dog is in the level of being so funny.

yorkshire terrier puppy

This dog seems to be always in stand-by mode for any kind of adventure. That’s why it’s so fun to take this dog for a walk or just to have some fun in the backyard. Finally, you can choose and keeping one of the top 10 cute tiny dog breeds from the list above.

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