Top 11 Most Popular Small Dog Breeds In The World

Popular small dog breeds - It’s totally understandable if you think that small sized dog breeds tend to be rather weak. Well, it may be because of the size of the body. However, you should also notice that despite the small and quite weak body, the cuteness of such dog is really excessive.

popular small dog breeds

Not to mention, the weakness doesn’t seem to be there. Cute small dogs that stay small usually tend to be more agile and active. And yes, it is very common for such dog breeds to have unique personality. Are you in search for some highly recommended most popular small dog breeds?

Top 11 Most Popular Small Dog Breeds With Pictures

Well, you should take a look at the explanation below where you can see the list of small dog breeds. Therefore, you can learn which dog breed and see pictures of small dogs to choose, so you can optimize your satisfaction later on.

1. Maltese

The first option for popular small sized dogs cute is Maltese. What you should know about this kind of popular small dog breeds usa is that it’s so suitable for the people who have allergy towards pet’s fur and hair. Maltese is among the cute small dog breeds list in which the hair is seldom falling. Maltese is also so friendly not only to the owners and the children but also to the other pets. This kind of small dog breeds good with cats.

teacup maltese puppies

Thus, if you have cats, you don’t need to worry that your pets are going to fight all the time. Just make sure you don’t leave your Maltese for a long time. Regular maintenance is necessary to make sure the hair of your Maltese can be pretty but don’t do it too often because it will only harm the hair.

2. Boston Terrier

This dog is well known as family dog. One of most popular small dog breeds for families. Such reputation is gained because Boston Terrier can get close to the kids easily and they are also gentle to the children. Not to mention, this dog breed doesn’t really need you to give too much maintenance.

boston terrier puppies

All you need to do is just grooming the hair so it will not fall easily. That’s why, by considering such aspects, Boston Terrier should belong to the best small dog breeds and you should consider getting it if you intend to have popular small dog breeds for apartments.

3. Pug Dogs

There are so many things that make pugs highly desired by many people. First, this pug dog breed has wrinkled face which is totally cute and funny. Then, take a look at the short legs which make it so funny when it moves around either running or walking. Not to mention, the personality is so charismatic.

pug dog puppies

With that in mind, pugs can be said to be so great as your friendly and fun partner. However, as the part of cute small dog breeds, sometimes, pugs are not really that cute. Pugs can be really stubborn and noisy. Just make sure you are well prepared when your pugs are acting that way.

4. Pomeranian

This dog breed is well known for its gentle and mellow personality. That’s why it’s among highly desired very small dogs. And it’s only normal for the people who are seeking for the popular small dog breeds uk to be in love with this pomeranian dog due to its personality and also its cheerful behavior.

teacup pomeranian puppies

What’s also great that you must know about this dog is about how it can be so friendly with the kids. However, there’s something you must keep in mind about this. You should introduce the dog to the kids as early as possible.

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Keep in mind also that this one of popular small dog breeds in uk may not be that suitable if you have small baby in your house because this dog can be quite loud and noisy.

5. Chihuahua

By judging the appearance, you may think Chihuahua is among the really small dogs which can go well with kids. You may think that what can be done by such small dog to the kid with that small body. If you think that way, you really need to be careful.

teacup chihuahua puppies

Despite its small size, Chihuahua is actually quite ferocious. It’s pretty common for Chihuahua to bark at the other dogs or the other people. Is there anything good about this dog breed, then? Sure there are many. Loyalty, one of these popular small dog breeds nz characteristics, is something you will always cherish from this dog.

6. Miniature Schnauzer

What’s special about this miniature schnauzer is related to how it can be so gentle and friendly to the kids. That’s why it’s always a good idea to make this dog as family dog. Compared to the other kinds of small dogs, you will see that this dog has really high curiosity.

miniature schnauzer puppies

These most popular small dog breeds for children like to play around and seems to want to know more about the things around it. Due to the high level of curiosity, sometimes, it can be quite bothersome like how it may start barking at the other people or strangers who just pass your house by.

7. Miniature Poodle

The miniature poodle probably is the representation of real loyalty. This one of most popular small dog breeds australia is really sensitive and highly dedicated to the master. What about the other people?

miniature poodle puppies

Well, these popular small dog breeds in australia tend to be quite ashamed with the others although it can really get along well with the kids and the other dogs.

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By considering the fact that this kind of miniature dogs that stay small has such athletic body, in spite of its small size, you can really count on this dog to become such a playful partner for your kids. You can also include this dog to join in some dog contest by considering the beauty of the hair.

8. Shih Tzu

What we are going to talk about next in this list of great small dogs is a kind of dog breed which is totally bred originally to become family dog. Yes, Shih Tzu definitely has it all to become great buddy for all family members.

shih tzu puppies

Like the other popular small dog breeds mixes, Shih Tzu dog can get along well with kids and befriend with them. This dog can play along with the kids and act gently towards them. Just make sure you take care of the hair regularly and properly.

9. Dachshund

What you need to know about this dachshund dog breed is actually related to its origin. Originally, Dachshund was bred to exterminate vermin. But, now, it surely is among the list of popular small dog breeds and the popularity seems to be gaining over time.

dachshund puppies picture

These nice small dog breeds are highly dedicated to the master and also the family. However, somehow, it is not really that good with children. This dog tends to be quite aggressive towards children. That is why you should consider getting this dog only if your children are big enough.

10. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is one of most popular small dog breeds in Canada. This terrier loves for adventure. Even though this dog breed has small body but it doesn’t seem to be tired that easily.

yorkshire terrier puppies

The stamina is so great and so is its curiosity towards the things around it. This small house dogs breed is also loving and caring.

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You can always count on this member of top 10 most popular small dog breeds to become your partner to work out or simply to become the partner for the kids.

11. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is a small dog breed of bichon type. Bichon frise is a member of non-sporting group of dog breeds in the US and a member of toy dog group in the UK. Bichon frises are small dog that weighs from ten to twenty lbs and stands from nine to twelve inches, but some of them can slightly reach larger. Bichon Frise is a merry, cheerful, sensitive, playful and affectionate.

bichon frise puppies

The Bichons love human company and need much attention. These really small dog breeds are charming, intelligent and very sociable. They are also types of popular small dog breeds for kids, because they are playful and have lots of energy. Training bichons earlier and continued constantly makes these small dog breeds bichon frise very obedient.

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