Top 11 Most Unique Animals for Pets In The World

Most unique animals for pets - Can you say you don’t have any favorite animal at all? If you really say “yes” to that question, it seems, there’s something wrong about you. Well, whether you realize it or not, we live co-existing alongside the pet animals. And that relation makes us become attached to them in one way or another.

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That’s why tons of people have pets to show how they love some animals. For some, having animals for pets can be really relaxing and amusing. While the others may think that the pets can help them to get rid of the loneliness. Even, for that they sometimes keep one of the most unique animals for pets at home.

Top 11 Most Unique Animals for Pets In The World

True, pets are not just animals. They are more like a great friend to us. While many people choose dogs and cats as their pets, some people may want something more unique. The most unique animals for pets in the world. What are the most interesting and best unique animals for pets? Here is the list.

1. Rabbit

To tell you the truth, perhaps, rabbit doesn’t sound that it belongs to the cute unique animals anymore. There has been many people who have rabbits as their pets. But, still, the cuteness of this animal is something so hard to resist. After all, there’s still something unique about the rabbit.

pet rabbit breeds

It’s the fur. The fur is so easy to love. Not to mention, the cute and funny acts done by the rabbit which will make you want to hug it all the time. The fact that this animal is so friendly to people, including children, makes rabbit become so loveable and one of most unique animals for kids. 5

2. Hamster

Another one of the list of the most unique animals for families is hamster. This animal is so funny and cute. With its small size, the cuteness of this animal becomes even more excessive. It has really soft fur and sometimes, the color of the fur is really interesting.

dwarf hamster breeds

Hamster is also easy to pet and carry around. Get one of small animals for pets and you will be so amused with the greatness and cute acts it will do. You will be able to get rid of any sadness in your mind just by taking a look at your hamster doing his or her activities.

3. Flying Squirrel

Flying squirrel surely is included into the list of animals with unique features. Yes, the name says it all. What makes this squirrel different from the regular squirrel is its ability to fly. Basically, it’s not flying but rather about falling in style.

southern flying squirrel

Flying squirrel will spread out the so-called wings on the side of the hands to jump from one point to the other. It’s like the squirrel is gliding and it’s really cool to see that. This animal is nocturnal and becoming one in the most unique animals list.

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It means that it is more active when the night has come. Unlike the other nocturnal animals, flying squirrel tends to be so friendly to people and it’s not so hard to feed the kind of good animals for pets.

4. Sooty-headed Bulbul

The next in line for the most unique animals for pets, we have sooty-headed bulbul. What makes this kind of bird belong to the unique pet animals is totally about the feather. The color of the feather is really interesting. Then, the bird is capable of doing some funny stunts.

sooty headed bulbul

Compared to the parakeet, this bird is calmer. It’s highly recommended for you to buy a pair of this good animals for pets bird if you intend to pet this most unique animal. Why? It is because sooty-headed bulbul is more fragile to stress if there’s no friend at all.

5. Chinchillas

The next option for unique pets to own is chinchillas. If you are not really that familiar with chinchillas, well, it’s a kind of squirrel but it’s bigger and stronger. The ears are bigger. Chinchillas originally come from South America. If you are interested to own this kind of most unique animals for pets, make sure you maintain the temperature of your room.

long tailed chinchilla

This animal can’t live in a place with rather hot temperature. That’s why you may want to give some kind of cooling device for the room where you’re going to put the cage. Further about the cage, you should make it quite big so your most unique animals for pets can move around freely.

6. Hermit Crabs

Only a few people actually notice that hermit crabs should be the part of the best animals for pets. This choice is really suitable if you are into aquatic cute animals for pets and you intend to have some kind of aquarium in your place to live.

blue leg hermit crab

Hermit crabs will look so fantastic especially if you get the most unique animals to own with awesome shells. Sometimes, the shells are in rather unique colors. Put the hermit crabs in a pre-designed aquarium and you will notice that it definitely should belong to the most interesting pets to have.

7. Hedgehog

Without any doubt, hedgehog is among the best pets to have due to its cuteness. But, you should also know that there are more than just mere cuteness in choosing this animal as your pet. First thing first, this animal doesn’t trigger any allergic reaction.

african pygmy hedgehog

This is totally a good thing for you who are allergic to animal’s fur or some other things which come from the most unique animals for pets. Hedgehog is also small and rather calm. The small size makes it possible for you to pet it without providing too big space for the cage.

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However, to have this kind of pet, you are demanded to have the right legal permission even though some countries may let you own most unique animals for pets without any permission at all.

8. Skunk

How come there are some people who are willing to make skunk as their pets? Aren’t skunks smelly? Yes, they are but they are also cute. And due to the smelliness, this animal totally deserves a spot in this list of unique animals for pets.

baby skunk pets

For further information, skunks which are bred for most unique animals usually have their smelly bag removed so the owners don’t need to worry about the smell at all.

9. Pot Bellied Pig

Originally coming from Vietnam, the popularity of this animal as one of the most unique animals to keep seems to be sky rocketing in the past five years although it’s not that popular recently.

vietnamese pot bellied pig

To choose this animal as your pet means that you should be able to provide rather big space. This kind of pig is really friendly to the family members.

10. Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox is a kind of fox originally comes from North African region. This animal is totally exotic. It’s pretty and funny at the same time.

fennec fox pet

The personality of this most unique animal is similar to dogs but you should make sure you keep it as proper as possible. Once you let this fox loose, it’s going to be so hard to catch it back because it can move really fast.

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Similar to the hedgehog, you may want to check the legal permission before you can own this type of unique animals of the world.

11. Ants

Last but not least, there are some people who are interested to make ants as their pets. It’s totally easy to keep ants as pets. All you need to do is to set up the area for the ants to do their activities.

ants as pets

What’s great about having ants as pets is about how you don’t need to clean the cage regularly and you don’t even need to feed them routinely.

Which one of the list above will be the best of your most unique animals for pets?

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