Top 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds for Families in the World

Choosing the right best guard dog breeds may sound like an easy and simple task to do. It’s because many people assume that all dog breeds are just the same. Guard dog breeds are dogs used to guard people or properties against unwanted or unexpected things (both people and animals).

guard dog breed

Guard dog breeds have the characteristic as guard dog. The best guard dog breeds are discriminating, so that they does not annoy, attack or bite familiar people and animals. Well, it’s not quite right but it’s not quite wrong either. It is true that dogs are capable of guarding but not all dogs are that good at it.

Top 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds for Family

Some dogs show excellent performance for such task because they have more courage, greater stamina, fierce look, and many other characteristics necessary for that task. The list below will show you some of the highly recommended best guard dog breeds for families with children. Check them out and see what makes them belong to such list.

1. Bullmastiff

To be honest, this dog breed isn’t really that intelligence. Its stamina isn’t really that good either. Not to mention, this dog doesn’t bark that much. So, what makes Bullmastif belong to the best family guard dog breeds?

bullmastiff guard dog

Well, it’s related to its courage and protective instinct. Bullmastif is also quite agile in comparison to its size. This dog breed seems to be aware all the time and it’s also really loyal to the master.

What’s even greater is about how Bullmastif can be so friendly to the other pets you have at home. Even it can be friendly to your cats!

2. Doberman

The next option for the best guard dog breeds is Doberman. This dog breed seems to be so complete. It has fierce look which can make people quite terrified.

doberman pinscher

It’s also strong and it’s also intelligent enough. What’s quite interesting about this dog is actually its origin. Doberman is a bread which comes from the combination of Rottweiler, Greyhound, and Terrier.

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It was Louis Doberman who combined those breeds. Louis Doberman was a tax officer. And he needed a good dog to protect him all the time as he usually carried a lot of money anywhere.

3. Rottweiler

Next, we have Rottweilers. Without any doubt, these kind of best guard dog breeds are really well known for their capability to become great guard dog security.

rottweiler dog

Rottweiler has really strong characteristic. The stamina is also so good. Don’t forget that this dog breed is also intelligent. You should also notice how friendly it can be to the family and it’s also really protective.

However, at the same time, this dog can be really dangerous to strangers. You should also understand that this dog breed needs to get through guard dog training first before you can expect it to be a nice guard dog because its nature is actually quite wild.

4. Puli

You should not be tricked by Puli’s cute appearance. Even though originally, this dog breed is bred as shepherd but its nice caution towards the condition in its surrounding makes it one of the greatest options for the best guard dog breeds you can find out there.

puli dog

That is why, you should never underestimate this dog or you will only regret it later on. Once you have been targeted by Puli, it will start barking at you and its bark is really loud.

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It’s quite surprising by considering the size of the body isn’t that big.

5. Komondor

As the one of the best guard dog breeds, Komondor looks a lot much similar to Puli. Except the size is a lot bigger than Puli. Indeed, with such size, you can also expect it to be more aggressive than Puli.

komondor hungarian

That is why Komodor can be said as the good guard dog by considering the size and the courage. Not to mention, you can also expect this dog to play with your kids as well.

Kids will love it because it’s playful. Not to mention, the appeal of this dog is also really cute.

6. Giant Schnauzer

If you are looking for medium sized guard dog breeds, you may want to consider this one. Giant Schnauzer’s size is not really that big but when it comes to loyalty, this dog is one of best of the best guard dog breeds.

giant schnauzer

And with that in mind, it’s really normal to say that Giant Schnauzer is the best guard dog in the world. Its appeal is actually quite unique because it has moustache. And it’s also really dominant.

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What’s so great to have this kind of dog is that it tends to follow the master around. Thus, if you have this dog, you will feel a lot much safer and protected.

7. German Shepherd

You may be familiar with this dog as police dog. German Shepherd has such great protective instinct. It’s also really intelligent and has nice stamina.

german shepherd

As the part of guard dog security systems, this dog is quite easy to be trained. You can really expect it to have so many skills including the really specific one like to smell some stuffs from quite far distance.

It’s also quite playful so it is great and one of the best guard dog breeds as the partner for your kids.

8. Rhodesian Ridgeback

You must never play around with this kind of dog. Rhodesian Ridgeback is originally a hunter. It hunts lion which means that its courage is something you should not question at all.

rhodesian ridgeback

Just imagine if you have a Rhodesian Ridgeback as your black guard dog, one of the top guard dog breeds.

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With rather ferocious characteristic, terrifying appeal, and bark which can make your feel like your heart is dropped to the floor, you can really expect great safety and protection once such dog is around.

9. Kuvasz

At a glance, you may think that Kuvasz should not be included into the best guard dog breeds by considering its appeal. Yes, it looks really similar to sheep.

kuvasz dog

However, you should not worry at all about its ability to deal with guarding. The greatest characteristic of this dog to make it deserve the place in this list is about how it can stay in one post or point for a long time.

Therefore, it is totally a good option for protection.

10. American Staffordshire Terrier

The last option for good guard dog breeds is American Staffordshire Terrier. This dog is actually a kind of pitbull and it’s so great for this purpose.

american staffordshire terrier

The loyalty towards the master is out of the question. And yes, it has nice aggressiveness which can make strangers terrified. It’s also quite agile so you can count on it for some chasing. So, which one will you choose from these 10 best guard dog breeds.

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