Best Lizard Pets To Own For Beginners and Exotic Pets Lovers

Best lizard pets are offered to you by some stores. Lizard is categorized as reptile and we will be able to find so many kinds of reptile or lizards that can be chosen as best pet.
best lizard pets
Best Lizard Pets To Own

You will not like with their color, and their body shape but lizards are cool animal too. You can find some types of cool lizard pets when you read more about this pet.

Best Lizard Pets To Own

You must be able to differentiate between lizard for beginner and lizard for all of you who have this hobby for long time.

Crested Geckos for Lizard Pet

If you are looking for best lizard pets, you better check more about crested geckos. This type of gecko is one of the best lizard pets for beginners.

This lizard is popular to pet and also to trade. It is also known as cresties. Why this gecko is one of best lizards pet?
crested gecko
Red Pinstripe Crested Gecko

This gecko is cute and easy to care. There are some simple requirements for this type of lizard when we compare with some other lizards.

You can find various colors and also patterns of this gecko. This gecko can be fed in simple way too.

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You just need to give fruit based powder that is mixed with water. It means you don’t need to always give insect for this gecko.

This gecko is handle-able and also it is easy to tame. When your gecko gets accident the tail will not re-grow again.

It is also categorized as best small lizard pets that you can buy in mid price. Size of this gecko is 5-8 inches. You who are interested in buying this gecko need to pay $40 for this animal.

There are some important tools that you must buy too. For food supplement of this animal you need to pay $15 up to $30 per month.

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This animal is easy to find and it is one of best lizard pets to own personally for all of you who have low budget.

Leopard Gecko for Pet

You can also find some other best pet lizard species that will make your collections become attractive for all people who see it. You need to have leopard gecko.

It is also popular gecko that you can find in the world today. This gecko has some colors and patterns too. This gecko has beautiful appearance with leopard motif.
leopard gecko
Leopard Gecko (Bright Spotted Desert Lizard)

You don’t need to worry because this lizard is easy to care and you can buy it in affordable price too. For food supplement you need to pay $15 per month.

For baby gecko you need to fed your gecko every day but for adult you don’t need to feed every day. You just need to feed your gecko few days.

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You must prepare best place for your gecko too. There are some pros and cons of caring of gecko. You don’t need to use special lighting for the cage.

It is easy to find this type of gecko so the price is inexpensive. There are some other types of gecko or Best lizard pets such as read ackie and bearded dragon that you can find with some price ranges, too.

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