Top 10 Cat Behavior Problems You Should Know

Cat behavior problems sometime make you feel confused. Most of people in the world like to have pet because of the funny and cute behavior of cat. Cat will be able to behave in cute way but you must know too that your cat can have some behavior problems too.

cat behavior problems

Some of people who care of pet for first time don’t know about specific cat behavioral problems. For all of you who want to care of cat as your pet, you better learn more about what cat usually does.

10 Cat Behavior Problems

You need to know some solutions too of some behavior problems in cats, so you will be able to take care of your cat in maximum way. You don’t need to worry because below, you will get more information about this thing.

1. Avoid Litter Box

One of some of cats behavior problems that you can find is avoiding litter box. Litter box is important to avoid bad smell in your home because of your cat. There are some reasons why your cat avoids litter box. Your cat doesn’t like box.

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You know the cause of your cat avoiding litter box and you need to find solution of this problem. That is why when you want to make your cat love their litter box, you need to change the shape of try to use different litters to solve one of behavioral problems in cats.

2. Spraying Urine

You can find some other cat behavior problems and one of them is urine marking or spraying with urine. It is bad behavior because some areas on your home will have bad smell. Sometime your cat will do it near your car too. It is commonly found and it makes you feel so mad with your car. You can stop this behavior problem by using cleaner or cat neutered. .

3. Scratching All Things

Sometime you feel so bad because you find your sofa or other things in bad condition because your cat scratches the sofa and some other parts of your home.

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You can make your cat plays with you and scratch in the right place. You can look how strong their nail when they scratch all things. What you need to do is giving toys that can be used by your cat so your cat will not scratch your sofa again.

4. Cat Aggression

Your cat may attack you because of some reasons and sometime unpredictable. You can check the causes such as maternal protection, overcrowding, illness and some other things.

5. Busy at Night

Your cat can be busy at night and some people complain because they are disturbed with sound of your cat.

6. Biting Your Body

It will make you get some serious injury when your cat start bit and scratch you. You need to give toys to your pet to reduce this bad habit.

7. Foiling Fleas

The next cat bad habit that will disturb you is chewing, licking and scratching all the things. Fleas are parasites that will cause some health problems to your cat.

8. Tackling Tapeworms

Tapeworms are common pets on your cat. You need to check your cat’s anus to know whether your cat has tapeworms or not.

9. Yowling Cat in Heat

Yowling is an action to attract female cat.

10. Leave Home Often

Your cat is maybe like to go outside and you often find your cat in some other homes. It is natural but sometime it can cause your get disease in easy way.

There are some toys that you can find in some stores. Toys will keep your cat busy and your cat will not have time to do bad behavior again. You can find some other solution for some other cat with behavior problems.

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You still can find some other behavior problems that are done by your cat at your home or maybe in the outdoor areas. If you still don’t find solution, you can consult with the expert to get best solution for Cat behavior problems.

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