Best Exotic Pets : Tarantula vs Emperor Scorpions vs Sugar Glider - Best exotic pets will make you really want to have one of some exotic pets at your home. In the world people usually will care of dogs, cats, fish and some other common pets. How about peculiar pets?

Best Exotic Pets To Own

Now, you must know some of best exotic pets to own so you can choose extraordinary pet that you can care at your home.

Tarantula for Exotic Pet

One of some Best exotic pets that you can choose is Tarantula. It is suitable for all of you who like something different, wild and exotic.


There are some reasons why you must choose one of best exotic pets to have. Tarantula is found in all places except Antarctica.

This pet has long life for more than 10 years. There are some sizes of Tarantula that you can choose.

You can choose from small or fingernail size up to dinner plate size. Tarantula has 8 legs and 2 fags that will make you feel fear.

Actually you don’t need to feel fear with this pet. Most people can choose Tarantula as one of Best exotic animals as pets because it is safe animal.

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Tarantula is rarely bite people so you never need to worry to play with your pet. You who like to get this pet need to pay $15.

There are some kinds of Tarantula but one of the most popular one is Chilean Rose Haired.

Emperor Scorpions for Exotic Pet

Not all of the best exotic pets will be sold in high price. You can also find some other exotic pets that sold in affordable price.

emperor scorpion

You can choose emperor scorpions. This animal has black, scary and shiny look.

Most people think that this animal is dangerous but it can be friendly pet for you. You must be careful in choosing scorpions because not all of scorpions can be used as pet and not all of scorpions can be owned legally.

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Emperor scorpion is one of the best exotic pets to own and one of common types of scorpions to kept as pet. When you finally choose and decide Emperor Scorpion for your pet, you must be careful with the venom.

Venom of Scorpions can hurt you. There are some other exotic pets that you can choose. Please make sure that you choose pet that you can own legally.

Sugar Glider for Exotic Pet

You must love to care of Sugar Glider too. Sugar glider is from Australia but you can easily find this animal in some other countries such as Papua New Guinea and also Indonesia.

sugar glider

It is cute and exotic pet for you or your kids. Sugar glider likes something sweet and this animal has ability to glide on the air.

It will bond easily with human too. That is why so many people like interact with this animal.

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This animal usually will do some activities in the night and this animal can make noise. How much money that you need to buy this animal?

You who like to buy this animal must prepare more money because this animal usually will be sold over $100. Now, you just know more about some Best exotic pets.

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