Can You Keep Hedgehogs as Pets at Home? - Hedgehogs can be classified as mammals. They are categorized as insectivores but they can eat certain different animals and some plants. They naturally come from most of parts in Africa, Asia or southern Europe. You may find that they are sleeping during the day because they are nocturnal animals. Indeed, they are active at dusk. Nocturnal animals mean that animals which active in the night.

Can You Keep Hedgehogs as Pets ?

The most distinctive thing of these hedgehogs is the quills. Quills can be defines as the sharp hair. They use these quills as their defense. You may be able to see them curl and turn like a ball with extended quills. There are various colors of the quills such as: white, brown, black, cream, albino, and gray. They are very cute animals. Therefore, you may wonder with a question like can you keep hedgehogs as pets?

can you keep hedgehogs as pets

The answer for the question “can you keep hedgehogs as pets“ is that you can keep them as your pets. It can be proven as African pygmy hedgehogs are commonly sold as pets. You can afford these pets around $300. They can grow around 6 up to 9 inches long. These hedgehogs can weight around 1.5 pounds. They may life around 4 up to 9 years. Some of them even have 10 years lifespan. Since they are included as solitary animals, they may live alone. There are some other reasons which can ensure that hedgehogs can become pets at home. They are explained as follows.

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Number one, they are cute, fun to observe, active but not aggressive and easy to care. They have unique appearance to make people happy and satisfied. They are also classified as clean animals and having little smell. Indeed, you can feel relieved to treat them or put them in your beloved home. Their foods are affordable and achievable everywhere. Thus, you do not need to worry to spend a lot of money. In addition, they are suitable to fulfill your need to own unique, interesting, amazing and fantastic pets at home.

baby hedgehog

Number two, you may need to prepare a large and big cage for them even though they are small animals. Yet, there are many reasonable-price cages for hedgehogs available in many stores. In addition, they need more space as they are active to run around and explore their environment. Indeed, they have good personality and temperament. You can bind with them by making regular interaction.

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Number three, as they are nocturnal, owners who have busy activity during the day and go home in the evening may be able to see these animals and their activity. They can be the source of happiness and relaxation for the owners. However, these animals are not suitable pets for young children. Those children can get hurt when their hedgehogs extend their quills when they are afraid.

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Number four, they do not make much noise. These hedgehogs are commonly making small and cute noises in certain times. Therefore, they do not disturb other people surround your place or apartment. Indeed, from above explanation, they can answer your question “can you keep hedgehogs as pets”.

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