10 Rarest Cat Breeds Still Alive in The World Today

PetsMe.org - 10 Rarest Cat Breeds Living in The World Today - Cat is undoubtedly one of the cutest animals in the world. Many people like cat because they see cat as a cute animals. Its funny behavior and beautiful features make people want to keep them as pets.

rarest cat breeds

Some cats breeds are considered as special and are famous among cat lovers. They usually have distinct physical features that other cats don’t. That is why some people choose them although they are sold with expensive prices. However, there are also rare cats that people or even cat lovers themselves do not know.

10 Rarest Cat Breeds Still Alive in The World Today

They are less common than special breeds, such persian or siamese. Here are 10 Rarest Cat Breeds Living in The World Today that you need to know.

Kurilian Bobtail
kurilian bobtail
Kurilian Bobtail Cat

The first cat of 10 Rarest Cat Breeds Living in The World Today is Kurilian Bobtail. This cat is a natural breed. Meaning that, it was not created by breeders. Kurilian is known for its high intelligence. It also can be a great pet for human. This cat has special ability in hunting and fishing.

Serengeti Cat
serengeti cat
Serengeti Cat Breed

This cat was created by crossing a Bengal cat with an Oriental Shorthair. The wild cat blood in the Bengal breeds the breeders used has already been removed.

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So, Serengeti has no wildcat blood in their body. This cat may appear as shy at first, but it will open up quickly. This cat is also very active and clever.

Napoleon Cat
napoleon cat
Napoleon Cat (Minuet Cat Breed)

This cat is a combination between a Munchkin and Persian. Napoleon has long fur and short legs. It also has thick bodies and round head.

German Rex
german rex
German Rex (Prussian Rex)

This cat originated from Germany. It is famous for its wavy coat-like fur. German Rex is actually a natural mutation, but then some breeders started to breed it with domestic cats.

Ojos Azules
ojos azules
Ojos Azules Cat

This cat is found for the first time in New Mexico. Some of Ojos Azules cats have piercing and dark-blue eyes. It is said that this cat is gentle and friendly towards people.

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Unfortunately, this cat is very rare, so the breeders are working hard in finding possibilities to develop this breed.

The Savannah Cat
savannah cat
The Savannah Cat

This cat is a hybrid cat. It is created by crossing a serval and a domestic cat. The most distinctive feature of this cat is the spots found in their fur. The savannah is one of the largest domestic cats in the world.

Ocicat Cat
ocicat cat
Ocicat Cat Picture

Although this cat looks like a wild cat, it has no wildcat blood. That is why this cat’s temperament is the same as domestic cat. It also has spots on its fur.

Bengal Cat
bengal kitten
Bengal Kitten

This spotted and striped bengal cat was created by crossing a domestic feline and an Asian Leopard Cat. it has ''wildcat-like'' markings around its body.

Japanese Bobtail Cat
japanese bobtail
Japanese Bobtail Cat

This cute cat has blue eyes and bobbed tail that looks like a rabbit tail. This breed is very common in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Toyger Cat
toyger cat
Toyger Cat Breed

The last cat of 10 Rarest Cat Breeds Living in The World Today is Toyger.

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This wild-looking breed has remarkable stripes all over its body. This cat is the combination between domestic shorthaired tabbies.

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