Top 10 Best and Cute Exotic Pets to Own (Pictures)

10 Best and Cute Exotic Pets to Own - Those who like to get exotic things including you may look for anti-mainstream pets to own in your house. There are many animals existing in our world which can be own legally.

cute exotic pets

You may feel curious to know about these exotic pets to own in your house. Therefore, you are one of lucky people to find this article. Indeed, this article can provide you ten of those exotic animals.

10 Best and Cute Exotic Pets to Own (Pictures)

1. Chimpanzee

chimpanzee pictures

Yes, Chimpanzee is an animal that you can find in the zoo. In fact, you can own it legally for your own. They cost around $60,000 to get one chimpanzee among other exotic pets to own. The chimpanzee is similar to human as they are intelligent and has cute appearance. Their origin is from West and Central Africa.

2. Hedgehog

hedgehog pet

This little Hedgehog is a little animal with weigh around 1.5 pounds. They are very cute to own. They come from Europe, Africa and Asia. Thy can live around 3 until 8 years. Indeed, you need to give them a lot of care. You may own this animal with $300 only.

3. Sugar Glider

sugar glider

If you ever heard about Kangaroo, this animal called Sugar Glider is in the same family of the Kangaroo. They are little marsupials coming from Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. They can be owned by around $200.

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They only weigh up to 6 ounces and have up to 7 inches length. They have a lifespan around 10-15 years. It can be the longer exotic pets to own for your family.

4. Wallaby

baby wallaby

After Sugar Glider, you may be interested with Wallaby. Yes, Wallaby is similar to a Kangaroo but is smaller. They can have 41 inches high and 53 pounds weight. They are sociable and like outdoor areas. Indeed, you need to put them in outdoor area like backyard with at least 5 feet high. You can buy the wallaby by $3,000.

5. Tarantula

pet tarantula

If you want to own the scary but exotic pet, Tarantula can be a good choice for you. They can make other run and scream out. They can be found easily except in Antarctica. They can live 10 until 25 years. They have two fangs and eight legs. In fact, they are rarely biting people.

6. Serval Cat

serval cat

Servals are similar to cats which their origins are Central and Southern Africa. They can live up to 19 years. They may be the fastest cat among others.

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Their appearance is the combination between cats and cheetah. Their weigh is around 40 pounds and high is around two feet tall. You can get the serval by having $2,500.

7. Hyacinth Macaw 

hyacinth macaw

It is the largest macaw and flying parrot. They come from South Africa and cost around $12,000. They are exotic because of their beauty, longer lifespan and rarity.

8. Fennec Fox

fennec fox

The Fennec Fox is a fox from The Northern Africa. They can life around 10-16 years. You may get one among these exotic pets to own by having around $1,500.

9. Kinkajou

kinkajou pet

Kinkajou is a raccoon with come from Central and South Africa. They can live up to 25 years. They are known as “honeybears”. You can buy them around $2,000.

10. Emperor Scorpion

emperor scorpion

This scorpion is the one coming from West African. They cost around $20 only.

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That's all the 10 best and cute exotic pets you can own. (Read also: Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breed in The World). Which one is most interesting for you?

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