Interesting French Bulldog Facts and Pictures

Interesting French Bulldog Facts and Pictures - It has been a long time since French bulldogs become good companion to human. They have unique appearance and mischievous nature. They have sturdy and compact body with large square head and rounded forehead. The upper lips of French bulldog usually hang down over the lower lips.

french bulldog facts

They have round prominent eyes that set wide apart and their ears stand erect. Their tails are either straight or corkscrew. The French bulldog has coat color that ranges from brindle, brindle and white, cream, cream and white, fawn, fawn and white, fawn and brindle, white, black, black and fawn, black and white, fawn brindle and white and gray and white.

Interesting French Bulldog Facts and Pictures

French bull dogs are pleasant, playful, alert, affectionate, enthusiastic and lively. They can go along quite well even with strangers and other animals but they love especially with their owner. They do not need vigorous exercises; just give them daily walk to maintain healthy weight. If you want to train them, be patient because they can be easy but sometimes they can also be stubborn.

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They are prone to drooling, flatulence, and shedding, so if you value cleanliness, this type of dog may not be the right one for you. There are some interesting facts about French bulldog that you might want to know before you get one home.

French Bulldog Facts and Pictures

french bulldog puppies

The Origin

Despite its name, French bulldog does not come from French, their origin is English. Many of English artisans fled to French during Industrial Revolution and bring their dogs with them. The dogs then gain popularity in French.

The Ears

French bulldogs are known for their “bat” ears. However, the early breeds in England have rose ears that is folded over like English bull dog. The shapes of their ear then become the standard of French bulldog; they should have bat ears as the qualifying characteristic.

The Weight

French bulldog love to eat and they tend to become obese easily. They have weight limit that is no more than 2 pounds. Whether the owners are interested in dog contest or not, this weight limit is still important to be follow to keep the dog healthy.

The Popularity

French bulldog popularity range from the circle of French prostitutes up to the Russian Imperial Romanov Family. French bull dog in fact, was the name given by French prostitutes in late 19th and early 20th century. The name the caught by French Bohemian, writers and artist, and wide spread from there.

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The popularity of French bulldog in America explodes and peaked in 1913. Tatiana Romanov, a member of Romanov family also has a French bull dog as her favorite pet named Ortino. About a century, French bulldog lost some streams of its fancier after the peak of its popularity. However, it is now gaining its popularity again.

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The last of french bulldog facts: French bull dogs are prone to joint disease, spinal disorders, heart defect, and eye problem. They also can’t handle heat very well.

french bulldog puppy

If you want to raise a French bulldog, it is better to get it from good breeder who will show you the health clearance of the parents of your puppy. It will clarify and prove that the dog has been tested for and cleared of particular condition. That's all the french bulldog facts and pictures. I hope it becomes a useful information for you.

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