Best 10 Top Smartest Dog Breeds for Pets List - If you need a highly intelligent companion, select one of these top smartest dog breeds for pets in the world. These dog breeds can be an aloof and devoted companion, great working dog, and excellent watchdog.

Top Smartest Dog Breeds List


Australian Cattle dog

Australian cattle dog is very active and needs routine exercises both mental and physical. He is independent thinker, creative, and very possessive upon his belongings.

Border Collie

Collie has high intelligence. He can compete in speed test, obedience and herd sheep. He needs job to make him happy. He needs companion, praise, and extensive training. It is not recommended to leave him alone. If you are going out a lot, this might not be the dog for you.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman has excellent stamina he loves to work. He is very loyal and forceful. However, many people are afraid of this dog breeds since he has dominating character. Actually, Doberman can be quite easy to control if he got extensive training since puppyhood.

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He can be a good family dog and even used as therapist dog in the hospitals. Although Doberman is not as hot- tempered as pit-bull or terrier; his aggressive protection is reliable.

German Shepherd

German shepherd can be a great watchdog or police dog because he has high intelligence, very courageous, and has strong protective instinct. With extensive training and socialization since early puppyhood, German shepherd dog can also be a good family dog and get along well with children.

smartest dog breeds

Golden Retriever

Golden retriever is loyal, living, gentle, and get along very well with children. He has natural instinct to make people and other animal happy. With high intelligence, Golden retriever can compete very well in tricks and obedience competition. Because all of his good nature, many people around the world love this dog breeds.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever is the most popular dog breed in the world and one of top 10 smartest dog breeds for pets in the world. He is loving, gentle, and patience.

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He does not need regular exercises. Many families have Labrador as their pets because of his good characters, loving children, and good to other dogs.

The Papilon

Papilon looks cute outside but actually he is tougher than his looks. He is quite moody, aggressive and possessive toward his owner. He has high intelligence and can be trained easily.


Poodle is highly intelligent and trainable. You can teach him tricks. Poodle loves to be among humans and does not like to be left alone.

top smartest dog breeds


Rottweiler has a frightening reputation among the police and experts. He is smart, brave, and a very reliable watchdog. He also has potential to be a good family dog.

Shetland Sheepdog

People says that the intelligence of Shetland sheepdog is almost the same level as humans’! Shetland sheepdog is breed to herds hundreds of livestock, thus intelligence and concentration is needed.

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Sometimes he can be very suspicious to stranger and children but he is very loyal and gentle to his owner. He is a good family companion and one of the 10 top smartest dog breeds for pets in the world.

Those are all the list of best 10 top smartest dog breeds for pets in the world. Which one is the best and interesting for you?

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