The Arabian Sand Cat Facts - With Pictures

Arabian Sand Cat Facts and Pictures - You may ever hear some species of cats live in a desert. Yes, there is a certain cat live in desert. Arabian Sand cat is a type of cats which commonly can be found in the desert especially in certain parts of Africa and Middle Asia. Yes, the name of the cat refers to where their live which is in the sand areas or deserts.

arabian sand cat

These cats have a Latin name, Felis margarita. They are seldom to be discussed. Yet, they are important to know. For those who have little information about this type of cats, you may broaden your knowledge by continuing reading this article. It occurs as this article provides some interesting information about this Arabian Sand cat facts with pictures.

Arabian Sand Cat Facts - Pictures

About this Cat

These Arabian Sand cats are typically little but tabby with short legs. They have sharp-shaped ears and long big tail. These cats weight up to 3.4 kilograms. In addition, their body is built to hunt in the desert areas. Their fur color is pale sand-yellow color. They are similar with other species coming from Africa. In winter season, their fur can grow up to 2 inches.

arabian sand cat facts

Differ from other cat from Asia, arabian sand cats have hairs between their legs. You may compare the appearance with other dessert creatures like Fennec Foxes.

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Some people may not see them like other species because of they threaten from the extinction. Indeed, the desert people may see them once or twice due to their location.

Their Habitat and Reproduction

The Arabian Sand cats can be found in the desert areas in certain parts of Africa and Middle Asia. They prefer to live in the flat area with seldom vegetation. They can live in the areas with -5 degree Celsius up to 52 degree Celsius. They can hide themselves from the extreme condition in some holes. They can live with water in their foods for many months.

arabian sand cat baby

Actually, there are at least four subspecies of this arabian sand cat according to their habitat namely Felis margarita margarita, Felis margarita thinobius, Felis margarita meinertzhageni, Felis margarita airensis and so on. They can molt during April and Mei.

arabian sand cat breeders

They can have around 2 until 3 kittens a year. They can grow fast with starting their molt around their first year. These cats can move around 5 up to 10 kilometers in a night. They are gather one to another in breeding season. Differ from the other; they do not defend their area but share with other cats.

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IUCN already proclaim that this arabian sand cat species is almost extinct in 2002. It is triggered because their low population and decreasing year by year. They face the species degradation because of human.

arabian sand cat as pets

Human can kill them by putting some traps for chicken in the deserts. They are also narrowing their habitat by making residents near the deserts. Another reason is because of diseases. The common diseases which they experienced are infection in their lungs and some other lung diseases.

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Indeed, government needs to have conservation to protect this cat from the extinction. Yet, some programs are failed to prevent this arabian sand cat species degradation. That's all the information about arabian sand cat facts, with some beautiful pictures of them. Do you think you can keep this kind of cat?

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