Siberian Forest Cat Personality and Temperament - Siberian Forest Cat Personality and Temperament - You may have ever heard about Siberian forest cat as a formal breed name of cats.

siberian forest cat

Yes, this cat is a domestic cat from Russia and some people called it as Siberian cat only. Some people also call them as Moscow Semi-Longhair cats.

siberian forest cats

This cat share similar qualities with Norwegian Forest Cat. In fact, they are likely related. Some people may wonder about the siberian forest cat personality and temperament. Indeed, this article can provide you with some information about those things.

Siberian Forest Cat Personality and Temperament

About Siberian Forest Cat

The Siberian Forest cat can be classified into three group based on its feline fur such as guard hairs, awn hairs and down hairs.

siberian forest cat breeders

They have various colors depending on their breed. They may be tabby, tortoiseshell, solid or color point. Yet, there is a certain organization to classify the color point Siberian cat namely FFE as the Neva Masquerade.

siberian forest cat personality

In fact, they are known as agile jumper because they are strong and powerful. They have a well-proportion body with well-rounded paws and strong hindquarters. Actually, this cat is introduced in the past around 1871 in Europe.

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Yet, they are not very popular as recent years due to several factors like expensive price and rarity. It happens because of the long distance and the transportation. However, nowadays, we can found them easily differ from the past as the fastest and easiest developed technology.

Siberian Forest Cat Personality

siberian forest cat kiitens

The Siberian Forest cat has unique molt period in both the end of winter and the end of summer. It differs from other cats which molt more than twice a year which called as heavy molt. They also have a quality called as Hypoallergenic. This quality makes these cats being popular among other cats. This quality refers to an ability to be safe from many allergies. Thus, you do not feel to worry to own these cats in your home.

siberian forest cat temperament

In addition, there is another unique thing about this siberian forest cat personality such as their reproductive readiness. They are ready to have the reproduction earlier than others. They can do a reproduction in the age of 5 months. Indeed, you may get 5 until 6 kittens in your home. Yet, you may get more litters in your home.

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Therefore, be ready to have a lot of litters and be ready to clean them all. Additionally, they are strongly bonded parents to take care of kittens. They can help each other. It can be shown by the father is helping the mother to take care of their kittens around their nest until 5 months up to 10 years.

siberian forest cat breeder

Some females do mate only with one male. The mortality of this type of cats especially the female around 18 months until six years. Indeed, it is influenced with several factors. Those factors are namely physical and emotional aspects, health and vitality and others.

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Therefore, you may want to own one of them in your house after reading this article. You may get them from nearest pet shop with affordable price. Indeed, you may look for other references to know the good treatment to own this type of cats.

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