Ragdoll Cat Personality and Temperament Traits

Ragdoll Cat Personality and Temperament Traits - Looking for a home-loving, friendly, and affectionate companion? Consider the Ragdoll cats. Ragdoll cats were first developed by a cat breeder Ann Baker in 1960s. Ragdoll is now one of the most popular cat breeds.

ragdoll cat personality

It craves attention and not the kind of aloof fellow. You will definitely fall for Ragdoll cat personality.

Ragdoll Cat Personality and Temperament


As one of the largest domestic cat breeds, Ragdolls have large size. The female can weigh 10 to 15 pounds while some males can weigh more than 20 pounds. Ragdolls have large head, wide cheek bones, broad chest, and big paws. They have semi-long coat in pointed pattern and bright blue eyes.

ragdoll cat

The coat colors are varying. It can be color point, mitted and bicolor with the color include seal, blue, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, tortie and tabby. Their body has light color while dark at some spot such as face, leg, tail, and ears. The coat is short on the face, blossoms around the neck, shorten on the shoulder, and lengthen again toward the tail.


Ragdoll cats can live 12 up to 17 years. They can have genetic problem such as a form of heart disease that is inherited, increase risk of calcium oxalate bladder stones, and a predisposition to FIP. For caring, you need to comb their fur with stainless steel to remove dead fur twice a week.

black ragdoll cat

Bath them as needed. Trim their nails every couple of weeks and give them daily or weekly dental hygiene. Wipe the corners of their eyes with damp cloth. Keep their super-sized litter box clean.


Ragdoll cat personality is just adorable. They can jump and fall into everyone’s arm who holds them. They are fund and playful. They love to play especially with toys. For example, they would really love chasing balls. Ragdoll cats’ intelligence is above average.

white ragdoll cat

They can learn simple tricks and using a scratching post. Encourage them by giving praise and special food reward. They would love roll on their back and have their stomach tickled.

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They can chatter with you but most of them are not vocal even when they need feeding. They will remind you of meal time or petting with sweet little voice.

Ragdoll cats are very friendly

They love their people and tend to be kid friendly. They would really love to snuggle on your lap or just curled up on your feet. If you live alone, raise a Ragdoll, they will greet you at the door when you come back home from your work and follow you around the house.

ragdoll cats

They would also gladly rule your bed whenever they have the chance. Give them more attention and they will give you more back. Another ragdoll cat personality is that they are also non-aggressive. They will not fight with other cats or other animals. Therefore, it better to keep your Ragdoll cat indoor to avoid being attack by dogs since they don’t fight back even if they are challenged.

Ragdoll cats have a very nice manner. With Ragdoll cat personality, they are good and fun companion to live with.

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