The Portuguese Water Dog Temperament Traits - The Portuguese Water Dog Temperament Traits - If you love water then Portuguese water dog would be the best companion for you. Over all, Portuguese water dogs are used to a crew of fishing trips.

They can retrieve gear from water and drive fish to nets. Today, they are fun family companion. Are you curious? Check these Portuguese water dog temperaments to get closer to them.

The Portuguese Water Dogs Temperament Traits


Portuguese water dogs are known for their sense of humor. They are loyal, lively, water-loving dogs, amusing and high spirited that ready to make people laugh anytime. Some owner said that their Portuguese water dog shows silly behavior and repeat it again when the owners laugh. They love to be included in all family activities.
portuguese water dog puppy
Portuguese Water Dog Puppy (Wikipedia)

They are friendly with other dogs and animals. They are also excellent with children. Thus, there will be no problem if you have kids and other pets in the house. They have pleasant temperament, brave and keenly aware. They are intelligent, have good sense of smell, faithful and thus they can be good watchdog.


Portuguese water dog has great stamina. They can play and run all day. They can be good companion for exercises such as jogging, biking, hiking, and swimming though it would be hard to make them out of the water. They need one or two vigorous activity per day to make them happy, healthy, and calm.

portuguese water dogs

Since they are very active, Portuguese water dogs are suitable the most for family who live in a house with many rooms to run around. They are also notorious chewers so make sure you provide things in the house that are allowed to chew on. If they are separated from the owner or the family and their exercises need are not met, they tend to express their anxiety by chewing destructively.

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Therefore it is important to exercise them and let them have stuffs to chew on before you go. When you come back home, they would be very excited. They would greet you at the door and even jump on you. Spending more time family activity together with the dog can create deeper bond between the dog and the owner.

portuguese water dog puppies
Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

Training Portuguese water dog is not hard. Since they are very active and love to please people, they rarely test the patient of the owner. They respond to praise and traits. They are keen and quick to learn instructions and tricks. In order to train Portuguese water dogs, you need to know how to properly communicate with them.

You have to be consistent, firm and confident in handling the dog. You have to balance the dog’s need so that they will not bark at you in dominancy issues. If you already make them obedient, you can train them easily. Don’t treat them harshly. Physical correction and shouting will make them develop avoidance behavior.

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In short, Portuguese water dogs are tireless, fun-loving, and have a great sense of humor. They are kid friendly and thus make them a good companion for family activities.

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