German Shepherd Dog Types, Facts and Images

German Shepherd Dog Types, Facts and Images - German shepherd dog is one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

german shepherd dog

They are popular for their intelligent, capable working dog, versatile, have high devotion and courage. They are well proportioned and strong. They have sturdy, muscular, slightly elongated body with a light, solid bone structure.

german shepherd dog types

They have almond shaped dark eyes and ears that are wide at the base, pointed, upright, and turned forward. Their coat colors are range from black with tan, sable or all black sometimes with white, blue and liver. With their athletic body, intelligence, and loyalty, you can make them bath as pet and perfect guard dog. Before you get one home, take a look at these several bloodlines of this German shepherd dog.

German Shepherd Dog Types and Facts

American Lines German Shepherd

American show lines are generally taller and longer in appearance than the European types. They have finer bone and narrower bodies and heads. Their coat colors are various. They are commonly traditional black and tan saddle pattern. Some are unusually solid black, bi-color, sables, and solid white.

german shepherd dog images

Their pigments are lighter than the European line with light tan cream and silver. These German shepherd dogs American lines are softer in temperament; more laid back, and lower drive and energy compared to the European lines. They can make a nice family pet and are suitable for family companion.

German / European Lines German Shepherd

German lines are very similar in structure, coat and color. They are more substantially larger with stockier builds, heavier bone and broader head.

german shepherd dog pictures

Their coat colors are varying from exclusive black and red to black and tan. They have traditional saddle pattern, blanket patter and sables.

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Their temperament and character are stronger. They also have higher drive and energy. Thus, they are suitable for working and sport companion. They are also good as family companion, excellent choice of competitive obedience, tracking, therapy and many areas of service works.

German Shepherd Dog Facts

Overall, German shepherd dog is not the one you can leave alone in the house since they will be anxious. They tend to show their anxiety by barking, chewing, and digging.

german shepherd guard dog

They are very active so you have to keep them busy with learning, working and playing. Give them daily exercises such as jogging and Frisbee and also training session. Since they like to shed, brush them with good vacuum several ties a week.

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German shepherd tends to be suspicious of strangers . If you want to have a social and well behaved dog, expose the puppy to many places, experiences, and people. Although they are popular as great watchdog, do not chain them because it will lead to frustration and aggression. Let them live indoor with the family to burn some of their energy and help them to socialize. Get your puppy from responsible and good breeder.

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German shepherd dog is amazingly good in anything they are trained to do: guide and assistance work for handicapped, police and military services, herding, search and rescue, drug detection, and so on. They are obedient and faithful companion to live and work with.

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