6 Interesting Bengal Cat Personality and Temperament

bengal cat personality

PetsMe.org - Bengal Cat Personality and Temperament | Bengal is Asian leopard cat. Its appearance looks like wild cat but it’s actually a domestic one. Bengals are graceful yet strong and active. How about their personality? Take a look at these 6 interesting bengal cat personality.

6 Interesting Bengal Cat Personality and Temperament

1. Active

Bengals really like to play games. They enjoy playing and interacting with their owner especially those who can spend a lot of time at home. They are energetic and love human companionship. They like to move around and climbing on high places.

white bengal cat
White Bengal Cat (Extendcreative.com)

They also like play hide and seek. Bengals are outstanding athlete. They will climb the door and cupboard in high spirit. However, their energetic behavior might accidentally damaged things or surprises your guests. Just hiss at him to tell him to stop.

2. High intelligence

Bengals can learn tricks. They can also be demanding when they want something. Sometimes they can also be very curious. Since Bengals are intelligence hunter, you might want to keep them indoor to safe the local birds and wildlife.

3. Talkative

Another interesting bengal cat personality is that they are very vocal  Their noise can vary in volume. They can raise their voice from loud to God-please-stop-him.

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They will stop making loud and long noises until you give them what they want. They love conversation and will easily talk to you. They even can impersonate what you do.

silver bengal cat
Silver Bengal Cat (Extendcreative.com)

4. Friendly

Bengals are fun to live with. With this interesting Bengal cat personality, you must do research thoroughly and have deep consideration in your attempt to adopt it.

5. Playful

They will curl up into little ball and take a nap on your lap without saying. They will also steal your covers when you share your bed and rule the whole bed. They also love their food so much.

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They might jump to the food bag before you have the chance to pour them. If you have chicken or meat for dinner, you must keep an eye over your food or you will lose it in a blink of eye.

marble bengal cat
Marble Bengal Cat (Bengalsillustrated.com)

6. Bengals unusually love water

One of the unique Bengal cat personality is that it fond of playing in the water while most cats are afraid of water. You might find your Bengal fishing in your aquarium or fish pond. Some would also like to join you in the shower or bath up to play in the water for several minutes. Therefore, it is better not to leave your toilet seat up.

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Bengal cats have the exotic look of wild cat with their large size, spotted or marbled coat fur, and can live up to 16 years. In short, Bengal cat breeds have several unique characteristics such as extremely affectionate with family, very easy to groom, have high intelligence, extremely kid friendly and pet friendly, have very potential of playfulness, and have high tendency to vocalize.

bengal tiger cat
Baby Bengal Tiger Cat (Catlikers.com)

So they appearance might looks wild but their heart are truly domestic. Once you have seen the true of  Bengal cat personality, you would definitely fall in love. Of course, you want calm and low key companion, Bengal cat is not the answer.

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