10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in the World

The Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in the World - Dogs can be classified as mammals which were domesticated from wolves since 15 until 100 thousand years ago. This fact can be proven from the finding of fossil and DNA test done by researchers.

most aggressive dog breeds

Nowadays, dogs are very popular as pets. They are known for their intelligence, strengthand loyalty. However, there are some dog breeds which naturally are very aggressive. In this article, there are 10 most aggressive dog breeds in the world provided for you.

List of Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

No. 10 : Chow Chow

chow chow

This dog breed is the oldest race of dogs in the world. They come from China. You can identify a dog as Chow Chow dog from soft and thick fur, black mouth and tongue, and crooked back legs. They have similar appearance with little lion or bear.

No. 9 : Dalmatian


This dog breed is very well known from its white skin with black spots. The name “Dalmatian” comes from Croatia. They are very aggressive and active. In addition, they have sharp and strong memory.

No. 8 : Siberian Husky

siberian husky

Siberian Husky is a dog breed which is similar to wolves. It is predicted as a result of natural crossing. It has medium body size and thick fur. Most of them are not dangerous and can interact with human well.

No. 7 : Alaskan Malamute

alaskan malamute

The name “malamute” refers to one of the Inuit tribes called Mahlamutt. This tribe lives in western region of Alaska. This tribe uses this dog to carry the snow cart. These dog breeds have good instinct to lead and be leaded. Those Alaskan Malamute are very strong and their strength becomes a measurement to find the best among them.

No. 6 : Boxer

boxer dog

This dog breed is classified as one of the pure dog races. They are identified in the group of tracking dogs. They can run in a long period of time as they use the front legs.

No. 5 : Doberman Pinscher

doberman pinscher

One of most aggressive dog breeds number five is doberman pinscher. This Doberman Pinscher is a kind of dog which is very smart and loyal. Doberman pinsher dogs can be very aggressive due to the provocation.

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They can attack when an accident or thing happens especially when it has a connection with their family and belongings.

No. 4 : German Shepherd

german shepherd

This dog breed is one of the well-known pure dog races. They are big but obedient and docile. There is only one color variation for this dog breed namely brown with black variation. In the past, they are used to guide the sheep by German Shepherds.

No. 3 : Rottweilers

rottweiler dog

The name of this dog breed is taken from regency in German named Rottweil. They are used to work in fields. They are used to pull the wagon and guard the money bags.

No. 2 : American Pitbull Terrier

american pitbull terrier

This dog breed can be classified as one among the oldest dog race in the world. This American Pitbull Terrier is a pure dog race. They are the strongest dogs among others so they are fighters among other dogs.

No. 1 : Tibetan Mastiff

tibetan mastiff

The top of most aggressive dog breeds in the world list is the Tibetian Mastiff. These dog breeds are known as Do Khyi. These Tibetan Mastiff dogs are very popular through some legendary stories which symbolize them as ferocious dogs to protect abbeys.

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Nowadays, they can be used as guarding dogs for many families around the world. That's all the 10 most aggressive dog breeds in the world. If you know other dogs that have the same nature and not in the list, you can leave the info in the comment box.

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